Is Quantum Zen a religion, or science, or philosophy?

It is often said that theology belongs to theology, and science belongs to science. Everyone nods about this and thought it made sense. But have you ever thought about it: If a theology excludes quantum mechanics and science, and cannot explain or disdain explanation, then how incompetent is this God and how distant it is from the real world?

The problem is not because of theology itself, but because the current theology has nothing to do with God. They are created artificially to entertain people. Only Quantum Zen is true theology, scientific theology.

Christian, Islam, Buddhism, do you think these are theology? No, they are all human artifacts. In these beliefs, people construct a god-man, a god-man who can do miracles, such as resurrection from the dead, such as calling out wind and rain in an instant. People created this god to talk and get comfort. The God of Quantum Zen does not create miracles. If there are miracles, everything in front of you is a miracle, and the laws of nature are miracles. Quantum Zen God is the entire universe and the law of science. But this god also gives people room for imagination, including a god who can create miracles. But imagined is imagined, the imagine is not a true Quantum Zen God.

Quantum Zen is a unification of science, philosophy and religion, by construction.  The three are consistent.




Key points of quantum entanglement as I think