The key points in the process that Quantum Zen comes out

1) Assume that the universe related to us has a starting point

2) We believe there is always a pushing hand for any starting point

3) This pushing hand is also the driving force behind all the future evolution of the universe

4) This reason is currently not understood, so the reason, the pushing hand, is defined as Divine or God

5) The behavior of this god follows the laws of nature

6) No miracles, because miracles break the law

7) But: for the nature laws to exist, it requires a mechanism. According to current scientific knowledge, this mechanism is quantum

8) Quantum is the root of energy / matter / information, and it is also the reason for them to be converted from each other. Without quantum, there is nothing, there is no laws

9) Laws are scientific laws. God will not violate the laws of science, otherwise it will not exist. So the laws of science are part of himself

10) God is the universe, plus his laws and his starting causes, just like hardware, software, and input. He is a trinity. There are no other gods.

11) People and everything in the universe are part of the universe, and therefore part of God. In this sense we are all quantum Zen gods, but we are limited. Only Quantum Zen God is infinite

12) Quantum means mutiple states existing at the same time and this creates something difficult for language to express, which is Zen. God is the laws, and not miracles, but the existence of the world is a miracle. This is also Zen. Zen appears through various forms in the universe.




Key points of quantum entanglement as I think