What can Quantum Zen do for you in life

First, many of us have difficulty accepting the god in Christianity or the sufferings in Buddhism, but we are still very spiritual. According to modern psychology and management theory, a person should not only cultivate a high IQ and EQ, but also a high "spirit quotient." With these three "quotients", a person will be more perfect, more successful and happier. However, if you don’t believe in the God in Christianity and don’t like the sufferings in Buddhism, how can you cultivate your spiritual quotient? Through the simple analysis of quantum Zen, we know that everything in the universe has its laws, and the laws can at the end be known with human being's efforts. The only thing that is unknowable is the pushing hand that prompted the beginning of the universe and the spiritual power that people feel from time to time in life. Even if you don't know where this power comes from, some people still feel benefited from it. We use the name Quantum Zen to express this power. As long as you believe in the Quantum Zen (God) and believe in him, you will feel that you can really get his help and get what you want. Therefore, we can gain the power of religion without going through Christianity and Buddhism. In other words, there is a state of consciousness, when you are immersed in it, you will more easily see and seize various opportunities. In other words, you are connected to that Quantum Zen.

Second, some people like Steve Covey very much, and benefit a lot from his speeches and books. But his stuff is not obviously something in Christianity or Buddhism (although he is a Mormon), in Stephen covey's "principle centered leadership", there is a sentence "you can control you actions but you can't control the Consequence of your actions, universal law does. One of the laws is fairness. Life is art, you do n’t have to be overbearing, aggressive, or too weak, thinking that humility is good, but to understand the laws of life. Quantum Zen emphasizes common sense, the laws of the universe, and these are what Steve Covey emphasizes in life. These are different from Christianity. The Bible says that if your left face is hit, you should give him your right face. This is not Buddhist, because Buddhism says you have to bear humiliation, avoid karma, etc. Quantum Zen helps us by relying on these laws. We understand these laws and follow them, Quantum Zen can help you.




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